Debt Scams

Debt is often presented as our friends. This can be difficult, but think of when you have no debt. Then came the tantalizing image of a new car, the feeling that the engine purring as active, in a hurry because your body is pushed against the seat when you step on it to enter the highway! Who think about $ 45,000? Not you! After all, it's only $ 350 a month, you can afford. You have a good paying job. And, you can take home today with no money! What a bargain!
You just put in debtors.
However, all is good. Then, you will be prompted for a free weekend stays at local resorts. Nice! What an hour listening to some people rave on a cruise? Come! "Hey, do you mean that I can go there! 'Ve just seeing places in the lifestyles of the rich and famous! Anyway, I on the beach at the resort. Dude! He just bill a month and a half ... I'm on it!
It is now up to $ 500 a month in payments. Still do not really suffer, however.
Six months later, when you are enjoying life, an idea comes to you. "You know, this is a big job, but I will make more money. I think I'm going back to school." When looking at your options, you'll find that you can also go back to school are very good and get a master's degree without spending any money. No one is stopping you. Not bad. No payment until you are finished with school, and again, there is the option to defer payment. Not bad at all.
The good thing about the school is the people we meet. Above all he eventually married in the third year! Now she is a treasure! This bright future and happy life together waiting! Within about six months to find a home. "Hey, we have paid the price of rent, and this is an investment in our future, so we can afford a little more." Next, find a home, she really likes (and not so bad on the eyes either), and ... "Well, you bet - who can afford it can do for you, my love, nothing ..."
Oh, sorry, got so caught up in love, we forgot our friendly debt burden. Now, with home, HOA, insurance, home security, the costs of additional services, car payments, vacation rentals, groceries, dog food (you can not have a large area! Without a good dog back there), and keep the romance going - all of a sudden, he did not do enough to make a living. Things start to get a little tighter now. Debt has grown quieter, bigger than I imagined. You are done with school now, but for some reason, their debt has grown, they have no income, and now, the letters start coming to you to ask you to start paying their loans to stay so long. What? $ 450 a month? Are they crazy?
Debt began as a "friend" us, but debt is the Trojan horse. Debt is sold as something that would help, but the debt is really our enemies. Sounds like freedom debt and lifelong pleasure, but my lord the debt slowly and continuously steal life from their victims, along with their friends, meaning and purpose. All this - gone.